Getting Empowered with NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy® and NLP Coaching

Whether Rob works with individuals, couples, children, organizations or businesses the process is the same, that of aligning the internal workings in order to achieve harmonious focused intent towards a desired future outcome or goal. Some of the tools that Rob uses to do this are listed below among other techniques that are highly effective in creating positive and lasting change and a balanced system for future movement and motivation towards a desired, lasting and compelling future.

What is NLP?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), simply put, is the study and implementation of Excellence and is a tool kit for effecting desired change quickly and without resistance to that change.  NLP is used by many prominent people you know already.  Politicians, business executives and  star athletes  alike use NLP to bring themselves (often with a coach), to achieve excellence in their field of endeavor.

"Every world champion has had a coach."  Jay Conrad Levinson "The Amazing Growth of Coaching"

NLP is also used powerfully to impact positive change in groups, organizations, businesses, men, women and children.   If you want to achieve the things you want in your life, or in any of the above capacities,  NLP is a tool kit for doing just that and Rob can help you to do it in the most personalized manner possible.

J.C. said of his session with Rob, "The recording you made for me is the most elegant, integrative, beautiful and intense collection of my unconscious mind processes. Not only are they a fantastic grounding technique but it keeps me highly focused on a positive future, without disregarding the past. I had no capacity to integrate and combine so many of my own events, so succinctly in such a relaxed fashion, so far in my life."

Albert Einstein said, "You can't solve a problem on the level of the problem."  In NLP, we do just that.  By finding out how the world's most effective people achieve what they achieve, in any area, we are able to work towards that desired outcome in a way that is effortless, fast, effective and individually tailored to be the most powerful change work you can do.

"To teach a man how he may learn to grow independently, and for himself, is perhaps the greatest service that one man can do to another."  Benjamin Jowett, Vice Chancellor of Oxford University

Imagine working towards what you want in a way that bypasses and eliminates the blocks to achieving what you want in a way that is personalized  and specifically tailored to your individual needs and desires.  When Rob Mitchell does NLP with clients in a coaching capacity, clients report many benefitsConnect with Rob Now to discover your Excellence!

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of being that you already go into many times each and every day.  These states are associated with automatic processing of what you are doing.  You might ask, how can a star athlete do amazing things seemingly effortlessly?  Because they have practiced and made automatic these processes.  Many athletes call this being in, "The Zone."  Did you ever wonder how you could drive all the way across town and having little remembrance of doing it?  This is because, like a star athlete, you have learned driving so well that you can do it automatically.  In hypnosis, we go in to that place where this kind of learning takes place, a place that bypasses resistance to learning, and practice perfecting what you want to achieve a state of excellence.  When I work with people in this capacity, in addition to accelerated learning and positive change, they commonly report many benefits beyond just the specific work we are doing.  Simply put, Hypnosis is a state where learning and adaptation is at its best! Connect with Rob Now to get into "The Zone" and discover your Excellence!

What is Time Line Therapy®?

Time Line Therapy®, or TLT, is a powerful way of making change in the past and future in a way that makes the present moment magnificent and motivated towards what you want.  We work towards removing barriers of negative states and emotions from the past that prevent your present moment experience from being all it can be, to make you clear and emotionally balanced.   A negative emotion that dis-empowers you is removed for 80% of population in about 5 minutes.

"Time Line Therapy® is a miracle."  Dr. Jane Cohen

Time Line Therapy® is also used to remove beliefs or decisions that block you from what you want in life.  Have you ever experienced wanting something and every time you get close to it, somehow, it just doesn't happen?  That is a limiting decision that operates at a level below where you are aware.  Because it is automatic (unconscious), it is close to impossible to change it without a miraculous intervention like Time Line Therapy®.

How does Time Line Therapy® work?   By revisiting events in the past (or creating compelling ones in the future) and clearing them from ideas, beliefs and choices that limit you now in the present moment.  This opens the door to an empowered future that is exciting, interesting and fulfilling.  In addition, following TLT session with Rob, clients often report many benefits.  Connect with Rob Now to get clear on your future, to get what you want and to discover your Excellence!

What is NLP Coaching?

NLP Coaching with Rob is a personalized experience towards personal change and development whether you are a man, woman, child, organization, or business.  Rob either works with you on an ongoing basis or, often in short sessions to get clear on what you want, the pathway for getting there and for creating a compelling future!  Rob can often help to get you what you want in  only a few hours.  Each session with Rob is proceeded by a needs assessment.  After the needs assessment, Rob will tell you how much time and resources are needed to achieve what you want.  Following a session with Rob, clients often report many benefits.  Connect with Rob Now to get clear on your future, to get what you want and to discover your Excellence Now!

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