Discover the transformational power of 4 revolutionary systems in one life-changing event:

Join trainer Rob Mitchell in San Diego for an amazing certification program and discover how to experience massive and accelerated growth in your life!

 This 7-day Accelerated NLP Practitioner Certification Training includes highly focused training leading to certification in:

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Time Line Therapy®
  • Hypnosis
  • NLP Coaching

Rob's proven training programs are developed to give you a highly personalized, connected, and inspiring experience.

 This life-changing event is highly focused and custom-tailored to your needs, empowering you with the incredible systems and resources you need to make quantum growth in all areas of your life and career.

If you’re looking for proven systems for creating and attracting abundance then this life-changing program was made for YOU!

You will: 

  • Learn the foundations of Neuro Linguistic Programming & where to begin
  • Discover how to identify the obstacles in your life that are preventing you from reaching your goals
  • Identify the thoughts that enable Mind Mastery rather than mind slavery.
  • Determine exactly how to ignite your sense of self-belief and confidence
  • Understand and master the links between your thoughts, feelings and actions
  • Discover techniques and strategies to develop your inner drive and motivation
  • Identify the techniques that allow you to learn, communicate, develop, and grow as an individual
  • Learn the cutting edge strategies and tactics used by the most successful personal growth coaches

…and we’re just getting started!

Most people who have an interest in attending Neuro Linguistic Programming Certification Training are seriously motivated to learn and use NLP techniques and concepts so that they can see dramatic improvements in their life and career so they can take things to the next level.

These techniques will help you create a serious impact on the lives of others so that those individuals can also achieve their highest goals and aspirations.

Simply put: The people who attend these trainings are motivated to help those who want to rise above--just as they did before they began learning NLP. And most of all they are looking for accelerated results!

That’s the reason why Rob Mitchell's Accelerated NLP Practitioner Certification Training was created for you!

You might be wondering, “Can I really learn NLP and develop my skills through this program in just one week?”


By taking part in this Accelerated NLP Practitioner Certification Training, you’ll be receiving 4 different certifications in just one short week; Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis, and Neuro Linguistic Programming Coaching.

This means if you truly want to empower yourself, improve your self-confidence, and attract the respect and love that you deserve, then this is the program for you. And if you truly want to learn how to create and experience the abundance that you deserve and help others experience the same, then our program was created for YOU!

Rob Mitchell and NLP Certification Training

Join Rob Mitchell and experience the life-changing effects of this NLP, Time Line Therapy®, NLP Coaching and Hypnosis Practitioner Certification Training program for yourself. Harness the techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnosis and you can obtain your certification in all of these powerful systems, along with NLP Coaching, all in just 7 days.

This week long certification process includes at-home coaching and an audio program you can study from the comfort of your own home before you join us during the live program sessions.

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About The NLP Practitioner Training Home Study Program

The exclusive Neuro Linguistic Programming Certification program starts you off immediately with pre-study audio training materials. You’ll start off studying from the comfort of your own home and then join us at the trainings that fit your schedule and complete your study and certification process. There will be plenty of opportunities during the program to break through personal obstacles as you learn and develop your skills.

There are multiple training sessions scheduled this year—please have a look at the calendar above to determine when the next Neuro Linguistic Programming Certification event will take place in San Diego.


Accelerated NLP Practitioner Certification® Training

  • Complete Training Tuition– Normally: $4,395
  • Limited-Time Online Promotional Price: $3,395
  • Payment Plans Are Currently Available
  • Extra Discounts May Be Available
  • Your training fee also includes an 18-Hour Neuro Linguistic Programming Audio Program (more than $895 Value)

To reserve your place you only need to make a $795 deposit.

Please keep in mind that there are a limited number of seats available in the Neuro Linguistic Programming Training sessions and they can sell out fast. You should secure your spot quickly because if you don’t, you may miss your opportunity to attend the training.

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The NLP Practitioner and Coaching Certification:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the most effective, high-performance system of identifying, learning, and obtaining control of your mind, thought patterns, emotions and actions.

You will learn how to apply these techniques with yourself and with others.

When you participate in our FasTrak™ Certification Program you will discover:

  1. Neuro Linguistic Programming:

The Basis of NLP 

The foundational ideas and beliefs about where we begin.

The Primary thoughts and attitudes that empower to take control of the Mind Mastery paradigm and shed the former model that has held you back. You will learn to find and use the various interconnecting systems that link your feelings and actions (emotions and behaviors). NLP is the simplest and most powerful model for making changes, learning, communicating, adapting, and evolving as a person.

The 10 Strategies For Attaining Your Highest Goals

  • Discover how to achieve all the goals you create for your self
  • Learn how to identify the key differences between the goals you have accomplished and the goals you haven’t
  • Learn how to get absolute clarity: the critical questions to ask to make your goals become crystal clear

Developing Rapport: Discover Proven Methods For Creating Instant Connections and Positive Communication

  • Immediately tap into a sense of connection with the people you communicate with
  • Develop your understanding of the hidden meanings in body-language
  • Learn how to utilize various body positions and postures that instantly create positive (yet unconscious) associations with the people around you
  • Discover the secrets to using vocal tones to create instant rapport in person and over the phone
  • Learn proven methods to create immediate positive connections when you communicate with others

Learn The Secret To Representational Systems

Humans create representational systems that process the information we receive from our environment.

You will discover:

  • How each of the 5 senses model themselves internally throughout your body
  • Learn how sights, sounds, touches, smells and tastes affect our physical systems (especially on an unconscious level)

Different individuals have different inclinations toward the way they utilize the 5 senses to internalize the world around them. Discover how you can use this information to ignite positive communication with anyone

  • Discover the secrets to eye movements and what each one tells you about a person’s thoughts
  • Learn how to amplify your creative mind and accelerated learning processes by using simple eye movement systems

Discover Submodalities: The “Hidden” Programming Circuits Inside Your Mind

  • Discover the “hidden” programming system that operates your mind and harness it to your own benefit
  • Eliminate problematic behaviors (like overeating or smoking) using the power of Submodalities
  • Find out how to implement a system of “programs” to change the beliefs that have been holding you back
  • Are you having trouble taking control of your emotions? Learn the most effective way to transform them…

Learn The Secrets To “Sensory Acuity” and How To Use Them To Your Advantage

Words are powerful things—they transmit key information to others about your personality and intelligence.

You’ll learn:

  • How the spoken words you use are selected through unconscious means yet they always have very important significance to the person saying them
  • Discover how to identify the personality type that may be concealed beneath various words and phrases
  • Learn a proven system for modifying your speaking patterns for each person to obtain immediate clarity, approval, and higher levels of communication
  • Find out the secret to utilizing abstract language in order to create instant approval and even create a trance-like state
  • Learn how a series of 3 simple questions can give you important info regarding any hidden subject or problem
  • Discover the easiest way to identify and eliminate objections
  • How to help anyone transform their thoughts and state of mind

Anchoring – Learn How To Take Control of Your Emotions and Mental State

  • Techniques to take control of your emotional frame
  • Discover an easy way to create a unique “trigger” that can elicit desired thoughts and behaviors
  • Find out how you can overcome undesired emotions and internalized feelings to an external stimulus—like a sound or vocal tone (this works on past and present triggers)
  • Learn how you can connect with your most powerful inner resources and learn how to tap into them when they are needed
  • Finally eliminate procrastination from your life for good

Neuro Linguistic Programming Systems:

The Secret To Using Your Mental Programming To Obtain Desired Results

  • Learn the system of creating different inner systems to obtain a desired result and find out how to reach a successful outcome every time
  • Obtain real and long-term changes in your life using proven tactics and strategies
  • Find out why people purchase things and the secret to our inner decision making mechanism—just from observing the way their eyes move
  • Discover how to tap into your client’s inner motivations to reach sales success
  • Learn proven strategies for igniting deep attraction and true love

Understanding “Parts” – Eliminating Internal Obstacles

  • Discover how you can make decisions the easy way
  • How to create alignment between your internal “parts” and compel them to agree

Train With Us and You Will Discover How To Apply NLP to:

  • Personal Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Every aspects of Business—Marketing, Sales, Communication, and more
  • Learning and Educational Coaching
  • To Create Change and Growth on a Personal Level
  • Therapy and Relationship Coaching
  1. Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification Training:

Learn How To Take Your Life Where YOU Want It To Go

Break through your internal barriers and help others do the same.

  • Discard negative emotions, ideas and choices
  • Learn how to make the best decisions for your ideal life
  • Identify what it is you truly desire
  • Develop and maintain a deep sense of motivation

Become the Architect of Your Own Future!

  • Learn the secret to your personal “inner time machine” and the way it shapes your future reality
  • Use the S-M-A-R-T system for achieving your goals
  • Overcome the ideas, beliefs, and choices that have held you back in the past

Find out how to create the future you desire and make it more exciting, interesting, and fulfilling

  1. Hypnotherapy Certification:

During your training you’ll be getting exclusive hypnotherapy training from Rob Mitchell. Rob is a highly experienced Master Hypnosis Trainer and he will teach you the most effective and useful techniques behind the Ericksonian indirect permissive Hypnotherapy method. This will empower you to achieve better results from your clients, develop powerful language systems and patterns and much, much more!

When you take part in this key training session you will have the exclusive opportunity to obtain your certification in Hypnotherapy.

This training session adheres to the standards of the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming and the Time Line Therapy® Association and this means that your certification will be recognized throughout the world.

4. NLP Coach Certification:


Want to take your personal development to the next level?

Once you obtain your certification as an NLP Coach from this exclusive training you’ll be able to make quantum growth in all areas of your life.

Now you have access to 4 different powerful Certifications in one inspiring and life changing 7 day Accelerated Training system.

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