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"Dear Rob,  I wanted to let the effect of our session really sink in before writing. For one, I was too blown away after to even process thoughts, and I knew things would open up unbelievably, and they have.  What has happened since…   My trading has taken a just a huge turn for the better. I’m entering a lot better and still have to work on letting things run. I’m sure you hear that a lot.  I have so much more inner peace. I am being more present. Truly more “beingness” without nearly as much ego (world self) attachment.  So, THANK YOU again, not only for being someone who is able and interested in developing yourself in this way, but for being kind, generous, loving and willing to invest it into others.  This is no cliché – you changed my life through that clearing and I’m forever grateful to you for it. Thanks again.  I’ll keep you updated as other things unfold.  Thanks again so much and many blessings in return,  Thomas Miller"


"I wanted to let you know that my trading is going so much better 🙂 What I've really noticed is the sense of calm when I'm trading. It's almost meditative in some aspects. I'm trading a lot less, being patient, and happy to just be in the moment."  T.C.