Getting the future you want can be accelerated in a powerful way by gaining a few skills that make that journey natural and clear.  The work we do is about clearing negative emotions and decisions from the past that limit present moment functioning.  Then, we work towards building a clear vision of the future that makes manifesting what you want natural and clear.  Following are some of the benefits clients report after doing sessions with Rob (often in as little as one session):

"The next morning after my Breakthrough Session with Rob, I woke up different. It was as if my all my previous anxieties that were acting as barriers from achieving my goals, were moved to storage.  The best way I can describe it is, "I was a high strung horse that had a hard time moving forward being forward because I was easily spooked from anything going on in the periphery. I was given corrective horse blinders, and now I can run without distractions!"  Instead of procrastinating and fretting when I feel an obstacle, I am now able to implement solutions, so I can progress.  Within two weeks, I found myself putting together an instructive workshop in my field, for my clients, successfully with ease and enjoyment."
Hisa Izumi Alsten

How does Rob work effectively in all these areas?

"Rob Mitchell is an Inspired Living Expert, Guru and agent of personal change and transformation."

"Rob has a deep and fundamental understanding of the way the mind works to effect lasting, transformational and meaningful change in the most efficient and Painless manner."

  • "Feel lighter as though a ton of bricks were lifted off me..."
  • "Feel motivated again"
  • "My income doubled..."
  • "Sense of a brighter clearer future..."
  • "Renewed"
  • "Transformed"
  • "Enhanced performance and personal power"
  • "More in the moment"
  • "Increased income"
  • "Lighter, and happier"
  • "Friends and family immediately noticed positive Changes"
  • "A sense of self love"
  • "Being the person I always wanted to be"
  • "Able to forgive myself and others"

Other Benefits:

  • Abundance and manifesting what you want
  • Emotional Freedom and flexibility
  • Improved Relationships
  • Clearing of trauma or PTSD
  • Sports Performance
  • Child learning, behavior and change
  • Clearing dysfunctional beliefs that no longer serve you positively
  • Elimination of nail biting, fidgeting, picking etc.
  • Let go of the past and function in the present towards a compelling future
  • Clearing of chronic pain
  • Clearing Phobias in one session
  • Clearing internal conflict
  • Elimination or management of unhealthy or harmful habits (including food, drink gambling) or addictions
  • Returning to a natural and healthy weight and shape / size (and other health benefits associated with that) without dieting
  • Deletion of past negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt
  • Reduce or eliminate stress
  • Overcoming fears that keep you from getting what you want
  • Learn to Manifest what you want: "Manifesting Your Future"
  • Learn Relaxation and focus techniques
  • NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy® and NLP Coach Trainer (see our Training tab above for more details)

Doctor Greg Brown following his session said:

"I had struggled with weight issues for many years, and successfully lost sixty pounds, but was feeling completely stuck  getting those last ten pounds to hit my goal. I went through  everything I knew but just kept hitting obstacles. Rob led me thorough a powerful Breakthrough Session, artfully conducted, and thorough. He helped me discover and transform the entire belief system I held about health and weight, which the final piece for me to reach my success. His gentle and intuitive manner combined with a fantastic sense of humor made the process quick, painless, and fun. You’ll be really glad to have the opportunity to work with Rob to unravel whatever challenges you’re facing in life."  Gregory Brown, M.D.

There is no obligation to connect with Rob for a needs assessment.  We are 100% committed to your success.  We network with many practitioners in the field and can refer you if we cannot meet that 100% service level you deserve in working with us!

 "Rob represents integrity a high standard of ethics and professionalism.  I encourage anyone looking to make positive changes in their life to seek out Rob Mitchell his dedication to you is a true reflection of the professionalism in the industry he represents."  Jeffrey Graham


"The only thing that matters is what you do From This Moment forward."


"Dear Rob,  I wanted to let the effect of our session really sink in before writing. For one, I was too blown away after to even process thoughts, and I knew things would open up unbelievably, and they have.  What has happened since…   My trading has taken a just a huge turn for the better. I’m entering a lot better and still have to work on letting things run. I’m sure you hear that a lot.  I have so much more inner peace. I am being more present. Truly more “beingness” without nearly as much ego (world self) attachment.  So, THANK YOU again, not only for being someone who is able and interested in developing yourself in this way, but for being kind, generous, loving and willing to invest it into others.  This is no cliché – you changed my life through that clearing and I’m forever grateful to you for it. Thanks again.  I’ll keep you updated as other things unfold.  Thanks again so much and many blessings in return."  Thomas Miller

You may also be interested in our training programs where Rob teaches the exact skills he uses every day.  These trainings are transformative and attendees will report the same benefits as above.  In order to learn if our training is right for you and to your best benefit, Contact Rob now for a personal no obligation consultation.

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